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Dr Greg Schreeuwer is a renowned empowerment coach and human behavioural specialist who works with people to enable them to break through obstacles and find their true north. Greg’s philosophy is simple – if you do what you love and love what you do, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Greg works with a range of tools and techniques including Integrative Kinesiology™ and NET®, which are kinesiology techniques for finding and removing imbalances related to unresolved stress in the body or mind.

Greg’s practice is enriched by various scholarly pursuits, which include his ongoing engagement with the teachings of Dr John Demartini, a world leading performance and human behavioural specialist.

Greg’s practice guides people to step more powerfully into their own lives and break through their own limitations. The rejuvenation of the lives of his clients is a testament to Greg’s uncanny talent for empowering people to uncover their true calling.

Greg’s work is in support of people who have felt that they’re not good enough or worthy enough to create a life of meaning for themselves. He works to help people move beyond the crippling stories that they invest in so that they can build a life of their own choosing.

Whether dealing with business, finance, relationships, health, anxiety or depression, Greg’s practice focuses on helping a person take ownership of their core values so that they can flourish without bowing to the weight of expectations and societal norms.

“Everyone has the potential to shine. One of the greatest challenges is stepping beyond one’s own limitations, beliefs and ideas around the way life ‘should be’ instead of creating the life that not only moves them but others as well. I have a vision to inspire people to pursue what their heart calls them to do and to not allow the beliefs, projections and opinions of others dictate what they choose to do, be or have for themselves.”