All Problems Have Solutions

So many of us are faced with the challenges of life on a daily basis. What decisions to make, which career is right for us, how to invest our money, who do we date and so much more. A lot of us feel that these challenges are more like problems that we can’t overcome and can’t resolve. They are issues that are holding us back from what we’d really love to do or who we’d really love to be. What we fail to see and understand about problems or challenges, is that they have solutions. Every problem we will ever face in life has an equal and opposite solution, waiting to be discovered.

Take the example of a ‘tug of war’ competition. Two teams both hold a rope with the intention of overpowering the other. In order for one team to win they either need a great strategy or brute strength. When one team is pulling, and it seems they are in the ‘losing’ position, the only reason why is because they need feedback to indicate to them where their ‘weaknesses’ are. Once they become aware of what’s ‘missing’, they can then go about filling that and trying again. There is never a time in the universe when a solution is unavailable for a problem or challenge. They actually coexist together.

Take a look at your life right now and ask yourself: “what am I feeling challenged by? Where do I currently have a problem, I perceive cannot be solved?” Is it in your finances? Is it in your business or your relationships? Are you lacking knowledge about something that you perceive you need? Do you have a chronic ailment you haven’t been able to resolve? You’re probably well aware of the area in your life that these issues are occurring. Now ask yourself, what is the feedback this problem or challenge is giving me? If you’re in debt, do you need to value yourself more, instead of owing everyone something? If you’re business isn’t growing, could it be that you need to change direction? If your partner is distancing themselves from you or are you distancing yourselves from them, could it be that neither of your values are being met or honoured?  All human beings face challenges and have problems that require solving. It’s what makes the universe evolve. There is nothing in the universe that cannot be solved. It doesn’t matter how big or small your problem is, the feedback you receive from the problem will provide the solution.

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