Dr Greg Schreeuwer is a chiropractor, kinesiologist and a human behavioural expert and specialises in helping people awaken their authentic power. His keynote addresses and workshops deliver inspiring, empowering and heart opening messages, that have the potential to expand, enlighten the mind, shift perspective and break old paradigms.

Greg’s speaking style is centred around sharing his own personal stories, experiences and challenges that he has faced, that have given rise to the knowledge, insights and advice he delivers to his clients and his audience. With many of the challenges faced by people of all ages in todays society, Greg offers clear pathways towards an empowering and fulfilling life, rich with inspiration and purpose.

With his extensive education in Chiropractic science and philosophy, Chinese Medicine, Applied Kinesiology, The Demartini Method® and several other human behavioural techniques and modalities, Gregs’ approach, style and focus when it comes to assisting people to grow, is very unique and full of diversity. His enthusiasm, drive and innate desire to assist people to achieve their goals and dreams can be felt when he shares his message.

Some of Greg’s Keynotes include:

  • Breakthrough the rut and do something purposeful
  • Uncovering your unique leadership potential
  • Defining your purpose and getting clear about it
  • Expressing the fullness of who you are
  • Taking action is the fastest path to success
  • How to make bullying serve and empower you

Some of Greg’s Workshops include:

  • Power Dynamics for Groups (The art of group collaboration)
  • Master Your Inner Drive  (Move from confusion to clarity)

Dr Greg Schreeuwer can tailor his speaking engagements and workshops to fit within the objectives of your institution / organisation and to address the most relevant and obvious challenges that are being presented.

If you are interested in more information on any of his keynotes or workshops and you would like to book Dr Greg Schreeuwer to come and speak at your institution / organisation, please use the contact form below.