Business Coaching

Dr. Greg Schreeuwer offers coaching for people specifically seeking guidance in the area of business and entrepreneurial growth.

How to Grow a Business

Evolving and growing in business is something that cannot be achieved without support and guidance from others, similar to an athlete requiring a coach to push them to greatness. Dr. Greg’s holistic perspective and approach to business coaching is effective because not only does he help you clarify your vision, but he challenges you to break through the bullshit that is hindering your progress.

Clear the Obstacles

The greatest obstacle to business creation, growth, success or evolution is an imbalanced mindset. This imbalance usually involves an obvious disconnection with who we are, what we love and what inspires us. Without these very important ingredients, it can be challenging to achieve desired outcomes.

Whilst business matters are always subjective to each individual, Dr Greg’s coaching can support clients in ways that work no matter who you are or how you approach business or the entrepreneur journey.

Some of these approaches are set out below:

Determine Your Values

Understanding a client’s values is instrumental in determining their business and career path. Without this vital step, goals cannot be set or implemented effectively.

Setting goals

Once values are established, this provides clients with a clearer idea of what actions are required and the direction and path to follow.

Awareness of underlying limitations

Dr. Greg assists clients in identifying week-to-week issues and broadly, more persistent patterns in clients’ lives. This is the most vital part of the business coaching process.  To be aware of one’s emotional and psychological blockages, conditioning and learned behaviours allows for progression towards realistic goal-setting and ultimately, goal-achievement.

Actions and Strategies

Perception governs action. When our perceptions are imbalanced and not integrated, we are unable to move in the most effective and efficient direction that is the path to success.

Get Specific

With the knowledge of a client’s personal goals and what might be holding them back from the success, or even a start, in business that they desire, Dr Greg then can make specific recommendations.

These can include incremental life adjustments, whether they be small daily tasks, or individualised strategies to help move the needle in the right direction.It is through specific questioning, pattern identification and attention to detail, that Dr Greg can guide clients beyond their imbalanced perceptions about how they are approaching business, their entrepreneurial journey, and other personal challenges that often bleed into this area.

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