Dr Tim Robards

Episode 2 -  Dr. Tim Robards

Dr. Tim Robards studied light physics for two years at Newcastle University and then completed an Exercise degree and Medical Science degree at Wollongong University, before completing his Masters in Chiropractic at Macquarie University.

Dr. Tim worked as a PT for many years and has since focused on a holistic approach as a chiropractor, incorporating all elements of what the body needs to thrive in its environment.

Dr. Tim has treated and mentored some of the world’s top athletes, as well as the world’s best mum from the suburbs.

Time, research, and observations as to what people really need to thrive and live a healthy fulfilling life has led him into developing The Robards Method. Dr. Tim’s goal with TRM is to help as many people from all walks of life not only decrease their chance of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and heart disease but find a whole new simpler way to eat, think and move right so they can thrive in their environment and live life to their full genetic potential

Join me as we find out:

  1. Who Dr. Tim is, what he does for a living and how he got to this point in his life.
  2. Some of the obstacles and challenges he’s experienced along his journey.
  3. What inspires him to do what he loves.
  4. What made him decide it was time to start being who he wanted to be in his life.
  5. What he believes are the necessary steps or actions you could take to be who you wanna be and do what you love with your life.

If you’d like to follow Dr. Tim and see what he’s up to, you can head to his Instagram. To find out more about TRM (The Robards Method) and to see if it could help you live a healthier, fit, and powerful life, go to the TRM Website.

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