Empower Your Life™ Mentorship

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Empower Your Life™ Mentorship is a service that is catered towards specific clients who are invested in creating change in their lives and have a desire to break free of a life that is unfulfilling, misaligned with who they are and that’s holding them back from doing what they love and living in a meaningful and powerful way.

How Does The Empower Your Life™ Mentorship Work?

The Empower Your Life™ Mentorship was created by Dr Greg Schreeuwer – The World’s Most Sought After Private Career Mentor and Human Behavioural Specialist – to assist you to resolve and overcome obstacles that are stopping you from powerfully expressing your most authentic self. You will be shown the “how to’s” when it comes to navigating through personal fears, guilts, judgements and many other limitations. The Empower Your Life™ Mentorship is a 3 month commitment. You will have unrestricted access to Dr Greg Schreeuwer beyond your fortnightly 1 hour face to face sessions.

Why is The Empower Your Life™ Mentorship Something Worth Considering?

How many times have you wished you had someone with experience, share with you how they managed to achieve their dream life? How long have you been stopping yourself from building your life the way you choose? Dr Greg Schreeuwer has 10 years of professional experience working with clients of all walks of life, helping them transition through every conceivable obstacle and limitation they faced so they could know what it feels like to live a healthier, happier and more fulfilling existence. He also draws from his own personal experience and the challenges he encountered in order to guide you through similar issues that may have affected you in your past and may carry through to some of the challenges you face today.


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