The Entrepreneur Handbook

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Definition of Entrepreneur:

Someone who makes a choice in their life to give themselves the power, choice and freedom to create, build, develop and innovate a new path for others to walk on. Someone who believes in possibility and opportunity and someone who feels they have the ability to make a difference that could change how we live in the world.

The Entrepreneur Handbook Difference:

The Entrepreneur Handbook is an individualised and unique system that has been developed to assist budding and new entrepreneurs to take their ideas to the next level, without destroying themselves in the process. We believe at The Entrepreneur Handbook that helping entrepreneurs grow and achieve success is of paramount importance.

We have spent time observing what actually can help a person achieve an outcome they desire by understanding, respecting and embracing natural laws and rhythms. Having experience in the health and wellness industry, we have observed why so many entrepreneurs fail with what they have learnt around building a business and doing what they love.

Every person has their own natural way of doing something. No one person is the same which means there are so many ways to be successful as an entrepreneur. In fact, there are unlimited ways in which to do this and they all work. The key is helping entrepreneurs tap into their specific path that feels aligned.

Our goal is to help budding entrepreneurs truly fulfil their biggest and wildest dreams by showing them how it’s possible to build what they feel inspired by without changing who they are in order to do it.

The Entrepreneur Handbook Vision:

To grow and develop a community of centred and balanced entrepreneurs who work collaboratively to help each other expand, explore and elevate.

The Entrepreneur Handbook Keys To Success

In our time working with people for over a decade, we have discovered there are a number of elements that can truly lead to entrepreneurial success.

Time and time again, we have seen that when people ignore these important pieces to to their entrepreneurial puzzle, they inevitably will fall and experience uninvited challenge.

By implementing some or all of these elements as part their own individual and unique handbook, entrepreneurs are better primed to deliver what they are passionate about.

The first and most important step is identifying the pieces that are missing. Without a map to follow, we will eventually get lost. Knowing what can be transformed, what can change or what can be initiated will give an entrepreneur a greater chance of success without the unexpected roadblocks, obstacles and bumps along the road.

Overall success requires an entrepreneur to master all the keys to their own success. Ignoring one or some of them is like leaving out a few screws when building an IKEA bookshelf. It will eventually collapse.



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