Follow Your Souls Calling

I often get asked by people, and I’m paraphrasing, ‘What am I supposed to do with my life? Can you help me figure out what that is?’ I reply by saying that what you’re supposed to do with your life is what you love to do. It’s that simple. It’s never what other people want you to do. Usually, those same people look at me or hear me and wonder how can they do that? Some of them have families with children, some of them have debts to pay, some have other commitments and they see that answer as something that becomes incredibly overwhelming.

I’ve come to learn in my life, that every single human being on this planet has a calling and this calling or purpose is governed by their soul or their inner being. No matter how hard we try to avoid that directive, we can’t really stray from it because we’re intrinsically destined to fulfill it. It is something that we innately love to do. We spend time, energy and money to make it a reality in our lives. We are disciplined, reliable and focussed when it comes to applying ourselves towards it. Our thoughts and conversations are consumed by it. There is no part of our lives where we can escape it.

When I get asked this question and I give my response, that is the solution. That is the answer to the question on most people’s minds. If we took the time to look at what our lives actually demonstrate; not what we want them to demonstrate, but what they actually do demonstrate, then we’d uncover some incredible clues as to what’s most important to us. Something else that I find quite useful is to look back in time, usually in the earlier years of our lives, and remember those activities that we constantly engaged in. What did we do? What were our reasons for doing it? Why did we love it so much? More clues, more answers and more revelation.

As you may know by now, Be Who You Wanna Be International is focussed on empowering children to fulfil their potential. So, when it comes to empowering young children and, even, teenagers, it would be wise to observe what it is that they love doing. It would be a useful exercise to pay attention to the areas of their lives where they show the greatest degree of dedication. What I’ve come to discover, is that the fastest way to achieve anything you want in life is to follow your souls calling. The more you focus on what that is, once you give yourself the opportunity of seeing it, you will increase your level of fulfilment, self-worth and the possibilities for you to achieve what you want out of life.

Watch, observe, pay attention to and listen to what your kids are inspired by. You will learn more about them by doing so and it may actually open you up to your own inner visions, dreams and mission. They have what it takes to be the next Einstein, Jobs, Branson or Mandela. Create the space for them to do so, assist them to dedicate themselves to their souls calling and watch the magic happen.

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