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Hello, my name is Dr Greg Schreeuwer.

I am a Human Behavioural Specialist, Kinesiologist + Empowerment Coach with a background in Chiropractic and 10 years in the health and wellness industry.

I specialise in helping people just like you overcome the obstacles keeping them from accomplishing their goals and dreams. In order to reach any goal successfully, a number of specific steps need to be taken. Create a clear plan, develop a strong strategy, break through all the limits and challenges and finally, take the most effective and powerful action steps that will help you reach your desired outcome.

I look forward to guiding and mentoring you on your journey and showing you how to powerfully and authentically live a life full of purpose, inspiration and fulfilment.




Dr Greg Schreeuwer

Client focus

Accomplish goals in a way that is empowering and exciting


Accomplish goals in a way that is empowering and exciting

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Accomplish goals in a way that is empowering and exciting

Proactive, not reactive

Accomplish goals in a way that is empowering and exciting

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      The Greatest Solution to a Lack of Fulfilment is to Serve Others
      March 12, 2013
      Over the many years of my career, I have come to discover something fascinating about true fulfilment. I'd like to share those insights with you in this post, to give you a deeper understanding of how to actually achieve it. The word fulfilment means 'filling full the mind'. Simply, that means filling your mind full of what most inspires you. So if you have a lack of fulfilment, it means you're lacking the ability to fill full the mind. So the question then lies, how does one go about filling full the mind? In my journey to answer this question for myself, I discovered a few ways to solve this dilema and, at the same time, do what most inspires me.  Now, the title of this post definitely gives away a very obvious clue. Serving others is a definite pathway towards achieving true fulfilment. What does that mean, serving others? Some of you might look at that statement and think of altruistic pursuits like, giving charity, volunteering or doing missionary work. My definition is somewhat different. Usually people feel a lack of fulfilment when they're not doing what most inspires them. They feel hollow or empty and are on the pursuit for something to fill that void. The first step to achieving fulfilment is simple, yet equally as challenging to uncover. It takes some time, requires investigation, observation and implementation. This step is focussed on uncovering your values - what's most important to you, to what's least important to you. There are a series of questions that you can ask yourself to help you reveal what you're most inspired by. Once you've discovered what that is, then the key is going out into the world and serving people within that top and most important value. Generally, if you're comfortable with fair exchange, you'll receive a payment for that service. The more you provide it, the greater the reward. The more you're inspired by what you want to share with others, the more others are inspired to appreciate you for that. True fulfilment comes from knowing what it is that inspires you the most, where you allow yourself to go out into the world to provide that as a service to others, and they reward you for it. It is an experience unparalleled to anything else I've discovered and it makes the journey all the more worthwhile. So, if you would love to know what it is that you're destined do with your life, so that you can serve others, be rewarded handsomely for that and achieve true fulfilment, go to the Contact Page to get in touch and we can work together to help you reach those goals.
      True Fulfilment, Is a Two Sided Partnership
      March 22, 2013
      There are so many people in the world who believe that in order to be happy, peaceful and in control, it is necessary to have success. They also believe that failure leads to sadness, disappointment, loss and lack of fulfilment. In my career, I have come to learn something that some of you may already know and something that some of you have never realised. In order to achieve true fulfilment in our careers or journey through life, there are two very important pieces that allow this process to occur. These two pieces are both success and failure. Let's take a quick look at success first. Success is perceived to be more positive than negative. It is associated with pleasure, instead of pain and it's what people strive to achieve. Failure, on the other hand, is perceived to be more negative than positive. It is associated with pain, instead of pleasure and it's what people want to avoid. Why is that we only see success as positive and we only view failure as negatives? From what I know, everything that exists within the universe has two sides. All traits, actions, inactions and more. Nothing is just one sided. If that's true, which I am certain of, success is not just positive and failure is not just negative. That must mean that there are two sides to each of these concepts. Have you ever considered or wondered that there might be lots of challenges of being successful and that it may not be as easy or as glamorous as it appears? Have you ever considered or wondered that there might be lots of lessons or opportunities to be gained from experiencing failures in your life, and that it's not as bad as it may seem? So, I leave you with some questions to ask yourself, that may be able to balance your perceptions of success and failure, and will leave you with a sense of fulfilment instead of the one-sided happiness or sadness. 1. Let's say that you believe success is the answer to happiness, what would be all the downsides of being successful? How would it be a disservice to you? How would it hold you back? What pressures would it place on you? Answer this at least 50 times to balance out your infatuations or illusions you've had about success being the answer to happiness. 2. You may also believe that failure is the ultimate nightmare but what would be all the benefits of failing and having to try again? What would you gain from failing? How would failing serve you and push you forward? How would failing alleviate the pressures you're faced with? Answer this at least 50 times to balance out the nightmares you've had about failing and it leading to sadness or disappointment.
      The Art of Delegation
      July 5, 2013
      How many of you struggle to let go of doing everything? Does it feel like you're cutting off an arm or a leg or giving away a part of yourself that you feel you 'should' be continuing to own? Well I can certainly say that this has been one of my greatest challenges to overcome and I am sure that many of you have the exact same problem to contend with. There are certain tasks that we all love to do and cannot wait to have an opportunity that will allow us to showcase what we know. There are other tasks that we like doing but we won't always be as motivated or inspired to complete them to the same degree. Then there are tasks that we just couldn't be bothered with that we wish someone else would do instead. This is the case for every single human being on the planet, both young and old. What often tends to happen is that instead of doing or performing the tasks that we truly love, that we're inspired by, we land up applying ourselves to the ones that we like and couldn't be bothered with. Instead of focusing on what brings us fulfilment in our lives, we focus on the areas that don't guide us towards the life we'd love to have or create. We land up attracting challenges and feedbacks to bring us back to who we are but even then, we don't listen or pay much attention. Human beings have significant trouble delegating their lesser interests to other people who are more inspired and motivated to work with them. We have somehow been led to believe that we need to apply ourselves to everything, but we tend to disregard the many things that we would rather be giving our attention to. Delegation is an important part of your growth as a leader in your life. It is impossible to achieve what you want without applying this simple action into your daily, weekly, monthly or yearly life. If we all want to achieve what we're destined for or inspired by, it is essential and vital to make time and space for what we love and give the rest to others who would be inspired to assist us in those areas. Ask yourself this question: If I delegated all my lower priorities to different people in life, how would that serve me and help me get to do what I love? Look for as many ways it will serve you until you start realise it's a viable option. Then ask yourself the following question: If I don't delegate and do everything myself, how will that be a disservice to me and stop me from doing what I love with my life? Again, look for as many ways it will be a disservice to you until you become acutely aware of the impacts that a lack of delegation can have on you achieving your dreams. Remember, nothing worth creating in this world can ever be done alone. We all need help and we all need to learn when to let go of the reigns and share the load with the people who'd like to help us get there.

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