The Inspiration Formula™

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The Inspiration Formula TM is a unique five step process that will enable you to see the purpose and importance of your life by answering the most significant question that human beings ask:

Why am I here?

Innovated by Emily Gowor – an extraordinary author, entrepreneur and leader in human greatness – the Inspiration Formula TM collects essential information about you, your life and your psychological make-up through a specific interview process and reveals an accurate and inspiring one-paragraph “Statement of Inspiration”; a blended mission, vision and purpose statement that reflects the dream you would love to fulfil before the day you leave Earth.

Through the Inspiration Formula TM, you will:

  • Find a greater sense of meaning for your existence on Earth
  • Clarify the role you want to play in the world
  • See yourself and your past in a new light
  • Find a sense of purpose and mission for the future
  • Connect your human life with the divine plan
  • Awaken your individual expression of greatness
  • Find your underlying driving WHY in life


By experiencing the Inspiration Formula TM you will receive:

  • Your one-of-a-kind Statement of Inspiration (“SOI”)
  • Your GIFT in life (what you are here to give to the world)
  • Your Life Motto (a power statement to live by)
  • Your pathway to success and healing

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