Inspirational Speaker

Dr Greg Schreeuwer, a distinguished chiropractor, kinesiologist, and human behavioural expert, invites you to elevate your institution or business with his compelling keynote addresses. Greg specializes in awakening authentic power, delivering messages that inspire, empower, and open hearts, with the potential to expand minds, shift perspectives, and break through old paradigms. Greg weaves personal stories, experiences, and challenges in his engaging speaking style, offering profound insights derived from his journey. He shares the invaluable lessons learned and the solutions uncovered, resulting in faster and more sustainable change for his patients and clients. Greg’s passion lies in guiding individuals into their natural flow, enabling them to navigate towards their goals and dreams with minimal resistance and crystal-clear purpose. Greg’s approach is uniquely non-traditional, with a diverse educational background encompassing Chiropractic science and philosophy, Chinese Medicine, Applied Kinesiology, Neuro Emotional Technique, NeuroCranial Restructuring, The Demartini Method®, and other behavioural techniques. His enthusiasm, drive, and genuine desire to assist others in achieving their aspirations are palpable when he shares his transformative message. Consider inviting Dr. Greg Schreeuwer to bring his dynamic and impactful presence to your institution or business, leaving your audience inspired, motivated, and ready to embrace positive change.

Some of Greg’s Keynotes include:

  • The hidden value of pace
  • How to be a master of balance
  • Perception governs action
  • Challenge – the key to empowerment
  • Action is the vehicle for change
  • Balance your mind, balance your body

Dr Greg Schreeuwer can tailor his keynotes to fit within the objectives of your institution / organisation and to address the most relevant and obvious challenges that are being presented.

If you are interested in more information and you would like to book Dr Greg Schreeuwer to come and speak at your institution / organisation, please click HERE.