How often do you have this question floating around your mind seeking an answer? Is it daily, weekly, every month or every year? Do you sit and ponder this question for a few seconds or are you consumed by it for hours on end?

Do you wake every morning wishing you could be doing something else with your life? Do you go to sleep dreading waking up in the morning because you know you have to go to that job that you don’t really like very much? Do you often see what your friends are doing with their lives and feel like you wish you could be like them and doing the same things? Do you find yourself wishing your life away and fantasising about a life that doesn’t mirror yours?

If you think of these questions and you answered yes to some or most of them, then these are clear indications that it’s time to start doing what you love with your life but how do you start doing that exactly? What do you actually love? What makes your soul come alive? What inspires you or energises you? Those might be some of the next questions that just popped inside your head. I don’t blame you for thinking of them. When your life is showing you that it’s time to change direction and do something else, it can be very easy to get bogged down and feel unsure of what to do next.

The wonderful thing about life is there is no wrong way to do anything because no matter what you do, you’ll gain something out of the actions you took. The problem is, is that we don’t take the first step and try. Fear is one of the biggest obstacles that stops us from even attempting to move in a new direction. We hold ourselves captive to the perception of its powerful grip and don’t do anything as a result.

What are you going to choose differently today and what steps are you going to take so you can start doing what you love with your life? Are you going to write in your journal? Are you going to contact people in your life and start strategising ways you can get going? Are you just going to put a plan together and then take your first step of that plan? Whatever you choose to do will be your first step towards doing what you love with your life. It doesn’t matter what it is. That’s the point. All you need to do is start. Start changing the reality you’re faced with, not by comparing it to others and how you can be like them, but by taking an action that will start to yield some results.

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