With all the challenges that human beings face, it can be quite difficult to keep moving forward in the hope that we will achieve something worthwhile in our lifetime. We are constantly bombarded with one obstacle after the other, testing our resilience, determination, commitment and self-belief. Even though each one of these hurdles, that gets put in our path, are designed to push our boundaries, help us grow and fulfil our destiny, they can also impact our confidence and push us beyond our limitations.

After watching the second instalment of The Hunger Games, something shifted inside me, to the very core of who I am. I cannot explain it or even describe it but it felt powerful. When I arrived home, I looked up at the sky and caught a glimpse of my own perfection. It’s incredible how the stars, balls of burning gas out in the galaxy, can give perspective, be so humbling and incredibly eye-opening. Those stars, out there, are mere reflections of the light each and every single one of us shine upon the world every single day of our lives. I felt it, for the first time in my life and it inspired me to share my thoughts with you.

There is nothing in this life that can every truly defeat the spirit of who we are inside. No obstacle, no hurdle and certainly not another person. All of those challenges that are laid before us, which happen to be of our own unconscious intentions, are the building blocks of our lives. We seek to avoid them, try to diminish them, hope to eliminate them, suppress them and pretend they don’t exist. Attempts to do so are futile because, ultimately, the universe seeks to be in balance. Every thing, from the micro to the macro, has its place. Our goal, as individuals and as a collective, is to recognise, become aware of and see the order of our very existence. The sooner we make that choice to understand, realise and know within our hearts that this is the truth of the life we embody, the easier it becomes to embrace everything that we face.

The honour of being able to live, experience every aspect of who we are and share in that with others is the purpose of life. It is the only purpose for which we are destined, beyond our own individual pursuits, visions and missions. I know that I may be delving into the esoteric or being philosophical and metaphysical, however there is no greater gift than that of being tested. It is this that brings us to the heart of who we are, to discover our power and to be able to embrace what we are here for. To be the most authentic version of ourselves possible. Being who we want to be is not just about having the ability to do what we want with life. It’s about being able to share the message that lies deep inside of our hearts.

I urge you. No, I implore you. Please do that and don’t let the hardships of living stop you or break you. Receive those hardships with open arms and allow them to guide you even further towards your truth. You deserve it, the world is yearning for it and it is the one thing that will elevate you beyond your wildest dreams and imagination.

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