As an artist, speaker or writer, almost everyone that has met him will agree that Suli Breaks is an all round inspiration.
After leaving the University of Sheffield with few more job prospects than when he started, Suli Breaks’ pursued a career in poetry, fuelled by disbelief in our current formal education system. Starting out in university competitions and in newspaper columns, he has gradually built a strong following of online and personal fans, of all ages and backgrounds. His YouTube Channel, , balances funny with informative, and tackles many of today’s toughest issues – education, racism, as well as providing insight in to the artists own personal life. His rose to the international spotlight with his offering “Why I Hate School But Love Education”, which seemed like a breakthrough. Even on top of past BBC 1 coverage, competition success, American blog love and a DVD last year, the 2 million people that have viewed it so far are evidence, as are the thousands of grateful comments. The video took the internet by storm leading to international coverage in both the Huffington and Washington Post. His youtube channel currently boasts over 6 million views and over 100k subscribers.
Suli has been hailed by many high-profile people (in particular the Co-Founder of the popular American Def Poetry Jam show, Bruce George) to be a poetry pioneer of the new school as well as constantly being considered to be in the upper echelon of the current generation of inspirational people taking the world by storm
He is currently working on his debut EP “The Dormroom” which should be available for free download in June 2013. He has also hinted at a book which he is writing, he says it will not be a poetry book at all, but something to provide inspiration.
Much like his predecessors Shakespeare, Bob Marley, Tupac, Michael Jackson, Picasso, Einstein, Ghandi and many more. Suli Breaks touches the world through art and creative thought. His words are refreshingly accessible. He tells his stories in the everyman’s tongue. His message should resonate whoever you are, wherever in the world

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