Take the Plunge and Jump in the Deep End

Have you ever been faced with a situation in life where you had two choices about how to do something? One could be to do nothing and the other could be to take a risk and go into the unknown. How many of you did nothing when faced with this challenge? How many of you took the risk and went for it?

Most of us, when faced with a decision to act on something, tend to back away from the challenge and play it safe. We decide to exercise our right to caution and stay secure. We have been taught from a very early age to overt risk at all costs. There are too many consequences, setbacks or drawbacks that we’d have to face if we took the plunge. We never give ourselves the opportunity to discover what it feels like to take the road less travelled in life. We spend most of our time journeying on a path that is familiar and comfortable. Even though this may feel better, we land up being in stasis and don’t actually progress. That’s not to say that we then need to always take risks though. A balance of both caution and risk helps us move forward in life.

So what is the benefit of taking risks? Doing things that we wouldn’t normally do? How much can you learn from being in an environment that you know so well, that hardly ever changes and almost always produces or yields the same outcomes? Taking risks and diving into the unknown will certainly test your resilience, commitment, courage, ambition, motivation and so much more. Your boundaries will be pushed and extended and what was once comfortable, may become uncomfortable for a time. By taking this road, our minds can open up to possibilities beyond our wildest dreams. Nothing great comes without paying a price. If it was that easy, we’d all be jumping in the deep end and taking the plunge. It’s difficult and challenging and this is the main reason why most of us avoid it.

My advice is – TAKE THE PLUNGE! Push yourself, challenge your comfort zone and your boundaries. You may surprise yourself and do something amazing with your life that you never thought possible.


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