The Art of Delegation

How many of you struggle to let go of doing everything? Does it feel like you’re cutting off an arm or a leg or giving away a part of yourself that you feel you ‘should’ be continuing to own? Well I can certainly say that this has been one of my greatest challenges to overcome and I am sure that many of you have the exact same problem to contend with.

There are certain tasks that we all love to do and cannot wait to have an opportunity that will allow us to showcase what we know. There are other tasks that we like doing but we won’t always be as motivated or inspired to complete them to the same degree. Then there are tasks that we just couldn’t be bothered with that we wish someone else would do instead. This is the case for every single human being on the planet, both young and old.

What often tends to happen is that instead of doing or performing the tasks that we truly love, that we’re inspired by, we land up applying ourselves to the ones that we like and couldn’t be bothered with. Instead of focusing on what brings us fulfilment in our lives, we focus on the areas that don’t guide us towards the life we’d love to have or create. We land up attracting challenges and feedbacks to bring us back to who we are but even then, we don’t listen or pay much attention.

Human beings have significant trouble delegating their lesser interests to other people who are more inspired and motivated to work with them. We have somehow been led to believe that we need to apply ourselves to everything, but we tend to disregard the many things that we would rather be giving our attention to.

Delegation is an important part of your growth as a leader in your life. It is impossible to achieve what you want without applying this simple action into your daily, weekly, monthly or yearly life. If we all want to achieve what we’re destined for or inspired by, it is essential and vital to make time and space for what we love and give the rest to others who would be inspired to assist us in those areas.

Ask yourself this question: If I delegated all my lower priorities to different people in life, how would that serve me and help me get to do what I love? Look for as many ways it will serve you until you start realise it’s a viable option. Then ask yourself the following question: If I don’t delegate and do everything myself, how will that be a disservice to me and stop me from doing what I love with my life? Again, look for as many ways it will be a disservice to you until you become acutely aware of the impacts that a lack of delegation can have on you achieving your dreams.

Remember, nothing worth creating in this world can ever be done alone. We all need help and we all need to learn when to let go of the reigns and share the load with the people who’d like to help us get there.


  1. Melena July 21, 2013 at 10:48 pm

    This is so much truth to this.  

  2. Melena July 21, 2013 at 10:49 pm

    Sorry….There is so much truth to this.

    1. Greg Schreeuwer October 7, 2013 at 4:17 am

      Thanks for your comment Melena. There is definitely truth in this. Without delegating, we land up having to take on more than we can handle.


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