The Greatest Solution to a Lack of Fulfilment is to Serve Others

Over the many years of my career, I have come to discover something fascinating about true fulfilment. I’d like to share those insights with you in this post, to give you a deeper understanding of how to actually achieve it.

The word fulfilment means ‘filling full the mind’. Simply, that means filling your mind full of what most inspires you. So if you have a lack of fulfilment, it means you’re lacking the ability to fill full the mind. So the question then lies, how does one go about filling full the mind?

In my journey to answer this question for myself, I discovered a few ways to solve this dilema and, at the same time, do what most inspires me.  Now, the title of this post definitely gives away a very obvious clue. Serving others is a definite pathway towards achieving true fulfilment. What does that mean, serving others? Some of you might look at that statement and think of altruistic pursuits like, giving charity, volunteering or doing missionary work. My definition is somewhat different.

Usually people feel a lack of fulfilment when they’re not doing what most inspires them. They feel hollow or empty and are on the pursuit for something to fill that void.

The first step to achieving fulfilment is simple, yet equally as challenging to uncover. It takes some time, requires investigation, observation and implementation. This step is focussed on uncovering your values – what’s most important to you, to what’s least important to you. There are a series of questions that you can ask yourself to help you reveal what you’re most inspired by.

Once you’ve discovered what that is, then the key is going out into the world and serving people within that top and most important value. Generally, if you’re comfortable with fair exchange, you’ll receive a payment for that service. The more you provide it, the greater the reward. The more you’re inspired by what you want to share with others, the more others are inspired to appreciate you for that.

True fulfilment comes from knowing what it is that inspires you the most, where you allow yourself to go out into the world to provide that as a service to others, and they reward you for it. It is an experience unparalleled to anything else I’ve discovered and it makes the journey all the more worthwhile.

So, if you would love to know what it is that you’re destined do with your life, so that you can serve others, be rewarded handsomely for that and achieve true fulfilment, go to the Contact Page to get in touch and we can work together to help you reach those goals.

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