The Power of Self-Expression

How many of you have had trouble expressing what you want to say or what you’d like to do or who you’d like to be? You might not be sure how to put it into words? It could also be that you’re not sure how, exactly, you like to communicate what you want to say, what you want to do or who you want to be? Should you be direct, tell it in a story, use metaphors, descriptive language or not say anything at all?

Often we find ourselves getting stuck in a conversation or, sometimes, in situations of challenge and we land up stumbling over ourselves as we try to desperately say what’s on our mind. It isn’t uncommon for people to find it difficult to express themselves clearly and effortlessly. We tend to judge ourselves and what we might have to say. We might perceive that our words aren’t articulated properly or that our language isn’t eloquent enough or that we’re just terrible at communicating and should hold ourselves back and keep things to ourselves.

There are so many people who have these emotional charges and blocks around opening themselves up to others and the world around them. We are certainly not immune to this and I’m sure all of you have experienced this dilemma many times in your lives. We repress what is truly important for us to express, as a result. Unfortunately, when we repress or suppress our expression for long enough, the body has very uncomfortable and, often, painful ways of revealing what we’re hiding inside.

As an adult, it isn’t easy opening ourselves up and sharing who we are with the world. We have become so accustomed to holding back and becoming very private. The problem, as I mentioned before, is that whatever you hold in eventually gets pushed out anyway. Think back, for a moment, to when you were a young child. Did you hold yourself back? Did you just speak what was on your mind? Did you share with the people that love you, what you wanted to do or be? Most kids would have no problem blurting out how they feel. They are openly expressive and communicative. They share what’s going on for them and their expressions are highly descriptive, creative, imaginative, free, unaffected and more. So when did it become such a challenge for adults?

As we grow up we pick up lots of beliefs, values, projections and injections from the world around us. We are taught to be kind without being cruel, to be nice without being mean, to give instead of receive, to say yes more than no and to behave without ever misbehaving. We are conditioned to hold back because if we let go, we’d land up feeling guilty or shameful – concerned about how we might impact the world around us by being who we are.

It is so important to share what’s in our heart, our souls true calling or purpose in this world. There is nothing more valuable than expressing who we are, how feel, our dissatisfactions, our objections, our visions, our dreams and our goals. Holding any of those elements inside of ourselves will only compromise who we are and what we are destined for. Expression is so powerful and can impact others in such a profound way, just by doing so. Don’t keep anything to yourself, especially if others need to hear it. It doesn’t matter what the consequences might be. It would be worse not to say or express anything at all.

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