The Zombie Epidemic

I recently watched a movie called Warm Bodies. For those of you haven’t seen it, it’s basically a movie about zombies who find their way back to being human, through the help of one zombie who somehow wants a different life. This isn’t the most amazing film I’ve ever seen but it had a message that I just had to write about.

We live in a world where more than 80% of people aren’t doing what they love with their lives. That’s a an alarming statistic. How is it possible that so many of us are lost and not sure what we want to do or how to get there?

In this movie, a zombie whose name is ‘R’ decides that he wants a different life than all the other zombies. He feels alone, isolated and unable to feel. In essence, he’s dead inside. His yearning to live takes him on a journey of re-discovery that, surprisingly, is somewhat inspiring.

While watching this movie, I reflected on humanity. I wondered if this concept, portrayed through a zombie movie, depicts a truth about human beings and the way in which we live our lives. I wondered if most of us are walking around like zombies wanting a different life but just accepting the hand we got dealt. Then I thought to myself that this must be true. These zombie movies show the real tragedy of human civilisation in a very graphic light.

We have been taught not to challenge the order of things. We’ve been conditioned to accept what we have and have been instructed not to try and change anything. The question I have is, what if we did? What if we broke out of our zombie comas, rediscovered who we really are and go do something magical in the world? What kind of life would be live? Who could we inspire?

My goal is to help people break through this epidemic, by helping kids to live according to their values and by empowering them to inspire others to express their own uniqueness and individuality. It’s time for the zombies to wake up and start living. What do you think?

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