Wellness Coaching

The wellness coaching provided by Dr. Greg Schreeuwer uses a combination of human behaviour principles, Chinese Medicine Theory, kinesiology as well as core components of NLP. Wellness coaching is used to support, encourage and facilitate change in the direction patients would like to move. The process uncovers clear and defined action steps that patients can take in order to promote and create a more balanced, healthy, and fulfilling life.

How Wellness Coaching works

Wellness coaching is used to help people achieve big changes in 1 or more areas of their lives.

The seven areas of life that wellness coaching can assist with are as follows:

  1. Spiritual
  2. Mental or Mindset
  3. Career Life
  4. Financial Life
  5. Family Dynamics
  6. Social Dynamics
  7. Physical Health & Wellbeing

All of us are governed by our conditioning, learned behaviors, and beliefs. We have learned everything we know from our parents, our teachers, connections with friends, and through every single activity that we’ve been involved with. Most of the time we are completely unaware that the actions we are taking are misaligned with our true intrinsic values and what is most aligned with who we are.

We attract the same relationships over and over again – even though they’re not really what we want. We have difficulty breaking health-related patterns that keep us in need of constant care and support and we keep hitting one brick wall after the other, trying to uncover our career and life purpose without much success. This often leaves us feeling depressed, anxious, and burnt out.

With frustration and lack of clarity being two of the major reasons holding people back, this regularly leads them to feel quite stuck or trapped with no real idea or road map to illustrate what actions to take, what direction to go in, and even what decisions to make.

Helping You Get on Track with Your Personal Goals

Similar to a sports person requiring coaching to help them improve, run faster, hit harder, and achieve greater outcomes and results, so we too require coaching. We sometimes need and require guidance and assistance to get on track with what will help us succeed the way we truly want and desire, especially when haven’t learned how to do that ourselves.

Dr. Greg’s goal is to use the techniques, exercises, and tools that are available, to help and assist people to become more proficient, self-reliant, independent, and empowered in their lives.

Not only will they have clearer strategies to help them reach their goals but with the combination of a kinesiology technique called NET (Neuro Emotional Technique), Dr. Greg is also able to help the body let go of any emotional blocks and patterns that could be getting in the way of positive outcomes.