What Goes In, Must Come Out

After having a conversation with someone close to me, I wanted to share some insights with you about ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Movement Disorders, Epilepsy and Learning Disorders. This may be a touchy subject for some of you, but by the end of this article, you may have a deeper appreciation and understanding, that you don’t have right now.

I studied and practised Chiropractic for close to 11 years. I spent my time learning about physiology, biochemistry, neurology, Chinese Medicine and several other disciplines. I’m going to explain how the human body develops disorders like the ones I’ve mentioned above, by drawing on all the knowledge I’ve accumulated over this time. I will also refer a lot to human behavioural principles and aspects of physics to illustrate my point.

Most of you may believe that the above ‘disorders’ are problems that need fixing, and that they are aberrations in function and should be dealt with. When we see these problems present themselves in children, we then perceive or believe that these ‘disorders’ are counter productive towards their growth and development. In reality, however, these ‘disorders’ are purely feedback mechanisms that have been designed by the body and the brain to alert us or you, to an imbalance occurring in a child’s environment.

Your nervous system, in simplicity, has two ways to manage life. It receives information through a number of different senses and, then depending on what information it receives you will, through a number of different connections made inside your brain, respond to that information accordingly. In other words, what comes in to the body, must come out in some other form. The nervous system works perfectly in this way, even if the stimulus is perceived to be negative or positive. It still outputs a response based on what it perceives that it’s dealing with.

Let’s use a computer as a metaphor. The hardware, which includes the processor, the memory, the hard drive, the graphics card and the motherboard, work together with the software or the programs. Computers are designed to have both of these parts, work together simultaneously. When we go and use a computer and load up 15 programs all at once, that use up a lot of speed, space, memory and power, what will be the output from the computer? Will it speed up and do what we want or will it crash or hang, until we shut down some of the input we just asked it to perform? Naturally, it will crash. It won’t be able to handle so much input, so it starts to do strange and unusual things that we don’t expect of it. When we put a lot of pressure on it to perform outside of it’s parameters, it let’s us down. We do the same thing to each other and to children.

Our nervous systems and bodies are highly individualised and unique. They can only process input effectively and efficiently, that fits in with their parameters. If you force input or software into another human being, that wasn’t designed for that person or is not in alignment with them, you will see an outpouring of unexpected reactions.

Each and every one of us has a set of values, that go from most important to least important. Everything we do is inline with those values and no two value systems are the same. We are all different. To use the computer metaphor, we are are all uniquely built computers. Our hardware and software don’t work in the same way as the next person. Although computers can be built and designed this way. Human beings cannot.

When we are confronted with ‘disorders’ like the ones mentioned above, the solution to transforming them is not to necessarily medicate them or fix them. The person is not broken. That person is receiving too much input, coming through a number of different senses, that is not aligned with it’s values – it’s working parameters. As a consequence, the output from the body is not balanced. It’s in excess. You’ll find that these people or children, who experience this type of input, will overheat, shutdown, hang, crash, perform strange and unusual behaviours and may need a reboot after all that energy is dealt with.

I know that I’m looking at these challenges very simply, yet they are not as complicated as they seem. When we can learn to communicate in our children’s values, when we can value them for who they are and when we can provide input into their bodies that is aligned with their specific parameters, we can transform all of these disorders. These ‘disorders’ are, in actuality, a way to balance out all the excess input they are receiving through their senses, that their nervous systems do not know how to deal with or manage. They are there to let you know, that what you think is best for them to be, do or have, is not necessarily in their best interest. In actual fact, it’s making them short circuit. Until their minds can perceive, that your input into their lives fits in with their parameters or their values, they will reject it and often use these ‘disorders’ to let you or society know.

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