It’s been a long time since I posted on my website. It’s been a long time since I felt inspired enough to share something like this with you. I’ve generally been a glass-half-full person for most of my life. Over the last 13 years, I’ve learned strategies and techniques to help maintain that level of healthy optimism while still recognising that life will always present challenges and difficult moments to help me grow. I’ve taught and shared this knowledge with patients and clients to help them have more balance in their lives and on their respective journeys.

Last year, however, proved to be one of the most confronting years of my life, and I had no idea it was even coming. All this insight and awareness I gained was overshadowed by profound sadness, disappointment, self-judgement and guilt. I am still working through a significant portion of what presented itself.

In 2022, I decided to leave chiropractic behind and move towards building my own business and vision. I stumbled upon a potential pathway to help me achieve my goals, and I invested in a program to help me make those goals a reality. I restarted my coaching business.

For the first six months, my investment was paying off. My income increased. I was coaching people outside the practice and still seeing patients between work hours. I was working close to a 100-hour work week and making gains—more than I had made in a long while.

Bear in mind that this strategy I was using was something I had tried before and didn’t entirely succeed at, but something in me said that I had to try again, so I did. In pursuing this outcome, I spent less time with my wife and my kids, lost focus in the practice, became more emotionally unbalanced, was feeling drained, and always had to be on to ensure I was progressing.

Early in 2023, I decided to start scaling my coaching business. All my hours were full with individual clients, and it was time to move into group coaching. I invested more into the program to learn what was needed to scale my business, started building an online group coaching portal and spent money on ads over three months with no new clients coming through. April arrived, and I had used up all the extra income I was making through this side hustle, and my income in the practice had dwindled because I had lost focus and wasn’t fully present. I was up shits creek!

I decided that I couldn’t continue with the side hustle and had to re-shift my focus back to the practice to continue supporting my family. I had failed to achieve what I’d set out to do, and not only had I failed, but I had put so much extra pressure on my wife and found myself in one of the lowest moments I’ve ever been in. For months, I couldn’t gain ground and rebuild my income. I was struggling. I knew that something needed to fundamentally change in my approach to my career growth and financial growth, but I couldn’t figure it out.

Then October 7th happened. This single event rocked me to my core. Never in my life have I ever been so affected by something that happened in a place thousands of kilometres away from me. It brought up trauma in my body and memories of experiences I hadn’t lived. Memories of my grandparents being in concentration camps in Nazi Europe. The death of innocent people was all because they had a specific set of beliefs and way of life that Hitler didn’t agree with or accept.

This moment gave me a big shake-up and stirred something inside of me that I buried when I left my ex in Canada and moved back to Australia. I was working on an idea and felt inspired to create because I believed the world needed change. An idea that revolved around acceptance of one another, an appreciation of our differences and the ultimate intention of collaborative enterprise. This idea was born as a result of being bullied as a kid, and all I wanted to do was create a world where we could love and respect one another and one where I mattered.

When October 7th happened, I was an emotional wreck. I turned to people around me for support. I arrived at a neutral place and realised I needed to fix this career and financial issue. This idea I had buried for so long bubbled up to the surface and was re-born in a new form. I now had kids, so the impact of what was going on in the Middle East hit home for me. Young children are being indoctrinated to believe in division, separation and disconnection. Children who had been taught that death to others was the key to God’s love and salvation. I knew that I needed to do something.

Be Who You Wanna Be was now back on my radar, and it felt like the perfect time to breathe new life into my original idea and re-create it to transform global conflict. This is a lofty vision, and I suspect it won’t fully be achieved within my lifetime, but I don’t care. It is essential, and I will pursue it until it makes a difference. Without a new way to educate, inspire and inform new generations about how to connect with others collaboratively and respectfully, this cycle and form of build and destroy will continue.

My children don’t deserve to live in a world like this, and neither do any other human beings. Build and destroy will always be. Nature relies on both for maximum growth, but there could always be new versions of this that don’t lead to killing each other.

So when life gives you lots of lemons, and believe me, I have had my fair share of lemons within the last year, you can do one of two things. Make lemonade or sink into mystery. Despite how difficult that may be and how challenged I still am in my career and financial life, I’m choosing to make lemonade.

Remember, the universe will consistently deliver what you need, even if you think you should be experiencing life differently. Embrace the difficulty. Humble yourself, realise that there is always a much bigger plan in motion, and turn those lemons into beautifully delicious lemonade.

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