For a number of months I have been pondering this question, trying to figure out the answer. I have applied myself to several different opportunities or career paths within that time, testing out whether they could work for me. I have even come up with ideas and concepts of avenues I thought I wanted to travel down. All of these attempts at trying to work it all out, left me with the same question and no answer.

Who Are You?

After going through a huge life changing event, this question has been in the forefront of my mind. Everything that I once knew or thought I knew has changed and the very existence of who I am has come into question. What I do know is that the sum all the actions and decisions I’ve made in the past has brought me to the present moment I’m in right now. What I also know is that present moment I am in now is exactly the way it’s supposed to be and, how it used to be or what it was is not the way it’s meant to continue. These concepts and ideas I am totally aware of.

This question is one that plagues most of humanity. It is a question that most of us ask ourselves and have huge difficulty answering. It is the answer we all search for yet it is in our searching for it that we fail to realise we already have the answer to that question. We look for the answer by putting ourselves in different jobs, different relationships, doing courses, reading self-help books and even travelling. We seek the answer for who we are outside of ourselves and, as a consequence, move further away from actually answering the one question that is constantly on our minds.

After doing a 35 minute meditation, it became apparent to me that I’ve been doing this my entire life. I have been looking outside of myself and comparing myself to other people, what they have or don’t have, what they do or don’t do, who they know or don’t know and losing myself in the process. I have known, all along who I am but I have chosen not to acknowledge it, as most of us do, because I perceived I wasn’t good enough or too different being who I am. I have tried to be how I thought others wanted me to be and attempted things that I thought others would approve of. I believed I need to have more of what I saw or perceived in others that I totally disregarded my own uniqueness. This is something most of us, if not all of us, tend to do. We are scared of being who we are, being vulnerable and exposed, worried that we won’t be loved or appreciated. There is nothing further from the truth.

So, I can’t answer the question for you but I can certainly answer the question for myself. Who I am is someone who had the great fortune of not having what everyone else had. Who I am is someone who was and is different to most other people in the way I think and look at life. Who I am is someone who loves understanding how things work. Who I am is someone who cares deeply about others, believes in others and sees the best in who they are. Who I am is like no other person because if it were true, that I was like someone else, what purpose would I have? So who I am, despite having similar experiences to other people, is important, relevant, necessary and valuable. The same goes for you! Remember that always, especially when you start comparing who you are to someone else again. Stay true to you. That is what people love about you. That is why people have invested in you and that is what will assist you to achieve your visions, missions and goals in life.

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